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These days we have lots of superhero movies like Ironman, Captain America, Ant-man and great one i.e. The Avenger. Their costumes, super powers, actions are awesome. By seeing these movies, somewhere in our mind searching for Indian superheroes. As we know all these foreign superheroes are firstly created in their comics, then after they are on cinema, instead of freshly appearing on cinema. By making comics first, the creature will assure that whether they created Superhero and its story will work and liked by many one or not. Thus, release of comics of superheroes first, is good ideas. That's why Iron man, Ant man, Hulk, etc. are successful. Instead of Krish, Ra-One etc. are not so successful as it should be.

So now the big question arises that, do we have a great comic production that have great superheroes or not? The answer is YES. And that is "Raj Comics". The Raj Comics like "Marvel" and "DC comics" also have great superheroes. In "Raj Comics" we have various greate superheroes. Like Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva, Shakti, Tiranga, Doga, Parmaru, Anthony, Bhedia, Inspecter steel, Fighter Toads and many more.

In my childhood, I have read many comics of Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva, Shakti, Tiranga, Doga, Parmaru, Anthony, Bhedia, Inspecter Steel, Fighter Toads eats. All of them have good intuition, i.e. how they become superheroes. They all have a great series of stories. So if any production house wants to cinematise these superheroes will be a very good idea. And the movie will be successful. Here we have great superheroes and their great stories. They just have to cast them on cinema. I am damn sure that all will going to love it.

Here I am going to show some of Indian SuperHeroes with information regarding their super power and initiation. Use the previous and next button to navigate from one page to another.

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